Studium im UK, USA und Europa

Für eine Beratung zum Studium in UK, den USA oder anderen europäischen Ländern empfehlen wir unsere Partnerin Mrs Marie-Louise Banning.

Marie-Louise Banning
Education Consultant

Personal and impartial advice guiding you to university

Marie- Louise and her team are dedicated to providing specialist support with applications to Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes in the UK, USA and EU. Marie-Louise has over thirty years' experience in international education with a specialism in Higher Education. “ Every applicant is different and needs individual advice accordingly,’ she says. "It is not just a matter of choosing a university: there are much
broader questions to ask about a student’s future career and aspirations, as well as their academic ability and personal backgr ound. Only then can the process of research and application begin. Since 2011, 100% of our students have received offers, which demonstrates how carefully we support each and every applicant."

Successful applications include:
King’s College
EPFL Lausanne
Sciences Po
IE Spain
Cal Tech
Carnegie Mellon
Georgia Tech
John Hopkins

We have extensive experience in Humanities, Social Sciences, Engineering, Medical Sciences, and Creative Arts. Over the last seven years offers have been received by over 200 universities in the UK, USA and Europe.

Since 2011, 100 per cent of our students have received offers, which demonstrates how carefully we support each and every student. Students of all levels can apply, not just the best!

The Process
There are three stages in our programme through which we guide you from initial enquiry to final destination. Along the way, we will also advise on any extra training or careers advice we feel you may need. We promise to be honest, impartial, and to offer total commitment to your success. We can provide an accurate quotation for our services after the initial consultation. In addition to the steps below, some applications such as Medicine, Oxford and Cambridge, and Art, Music and Drama require extra attention. Please note that Medicine is a graduate programme in the USA, which we do not cover.

Step one: initial consultation and orientation
All students are interviewed prior to acceptance on our programmes. The aim of this one - hour consultation is to assess a student’s requirements so that we may provide appropriate support and an accurate quotation. Parents are invited to join the consultation at the beginning and end of the consultation or may wish to talk to us privately in order to voice any concerns. We will listen to a student’s aspiration s, and assess how these may be achieved, bearing in mind their academic background and personal qualities. We will then be in a position to propose a future plan, which could be to proceed with the application, to suggest more in - depth careers counselling or to take extra training. We can usually find a solution!

Step two: research
After we have agreed a plan with the family, we will conduct research on the student’s behalf according to their academic ability and interests. Students are guided through t he courses on offer in order to form a shortlist in line with the family’s strategy. Our research includes details on entry requirements, location, deadlines, fees, supplementary entry tests, IELTS or TOEFL requirements, and any special aspects of the application procedure.

Step three: application and review
Students are now in a position to apply. At this stage we give support on completing application documents, answering Q and A, giving advice to schools on reference writing, providing interview practice, and making suggestions on self- study materials and tutoring if necessary. Writing the Personal Statement or College Essays is often the most challenging part of the application but we provide full guidance through review and critiques. Finally, we advise on which offers the student may consider as their final options.