Schüler & Eltern Feedback

Dieses tolle Elternfeedback hat uns heute erreicht. Wir freuen uns sehr und wünschen Julius auch weiterhin einen großartigen Auslandsaufenthalt in New Zealand:

"Dear Nickie, dear Mrs Taylor, dear Mrs Riedenauer!

Julius acclimated himself by now in New Zealand and we would like to give you a quick feedback:

We are so happy that we have chosen this wonderful school for him, we can see that he will get great opportunities and chances with all the extraordinary subjects you offer - it is special and exciting and certainly something he won´t forget his whole life!

Thank you so much that you picked this gorgeous host family for him! Julius already feels so comfortable and home - it is a pleasure talking to him via Skype - he is very, very happy! He enjoys his two new brothers a lot, he loves the hikes and trips with them and Nickie and Paul!

Please let us know if there are any problems or questions.

Kind regards and many sunny greetings from Germany,
Christine & Frank F."


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Riedenauer Education erweitert sein Beratungsangebot und begleitet nun auch Familien bei der Wahl geeigneter Internate in Deutschland.

Gestern waren wir zu Besuch bei den Krüger Schulen und möchten euch heute von einer unglaublichen Erfolgsstory berichten:

As ever, we are delighted with the examination results our students achieved this year. Our average IB points score was 40.6, ten points above the world average, and more than half of our examinations were graded the maximum 7 points.